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WITS is a Web-based tracking system designed to track any asset from its entry point (typically mail and receiving) to its delivery point within the company.

WITS is designed to simplify the often-overwhelming process of organizing, delivering, and tracking of mail, packages, faxes, office supplies, medical records, and all manner of valued assets.  Eventually someone will want to know where the item is, when it was delivered, and who signed for it.

WITS enables you to keep record of all your assets that now require handwritten logs; thus eliminating the time-consuming process of looking through reams of paper to find expected or disputed deliveries.  The data WITS records will allow you to easily produce management reports showing carrier statistics, delivery information, and employee activity.

WITS features were incorporated as a result of feedback from corporate mail and receiving managers and our 17 years of experience and expertise in this area.  Users wanted a system that would be flexible and economical while providing the information necessary to better manage their people and processes.

Sophisticated in its capabilities, yet simple to operate, WITS is the solution that will improve all aspects of your receiving and tracking process.

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Track the chain of custody – who, what, when, and where the item was touched. Monitor and control the flow of tangible objects — mail, parcels, property, files or people — as they enter, move through, and exit your facility.


You may have too much, not enough, or it's spread throughout your worksite. Decreasing white mail volumes leave you with unused mailboxes to somehow manage or re-purpose.


There are constant status requests – has the item been received, or routed to the correct department, or delivered? Has the P.O. been closed? Package volumes are constantly increasing and your lines are out the door.


You don't have enough labor or updated technology to quickly and efficiently process your packages, making it difficult to meet service level and productivity goals. Requests for new technology means jumping through the data security hoops that IT departments present. Your support continues from now on.


Typically the information you store in WITS is not sensitive or confidential. WITS stores the information typically found on a package such as a tracking number, recipient, carrier and sender. That information is already with the sender or vendor that sent the item and the carrier (UPS, FedEx), however, WITS secures this data anyway for your protection.

Custom Reporting

Winn Solutions has gone above and beyond the competition again with another new feature, Custom Reporting. Over the past fifteen years WITS has created canned reports to accommodate the most common questions anyone would need answered from the data WITS records (an Item Detail Report, a User Activity Report, and an Undelivered Report, to name a few).  Our Canned reports have continued to fulfill 90% of our clients report writing needs.

However, our clients over the years have requested different formatted reports, the ability to export that data to other applications and additional data to be included in those reports to meet their specific needs.   It is as a result of these requests that we have created an incredibly versatile tool in that of our Custom Report Writer.


  • No software to install.WITS Software Scanner
  • No IT department woes.
  • Maintenance and support are included.
  • Any software updates are completed automatically.
  • Your data is backed up throughout the day, every day!
  • Redundant servers so WITS is always available.
  • No need to purchase your own server.  Less $$$
  • No server software licenses to purchase.  Less $$$
  • Seamless global scalability, no matter how large or small your company is WITS will work for you.