Carrier Modules

NextShip leads the industry on certified and compliant shipping services through an ongoing commitment to relationship building. If a company needs to incorporate a new shipping carrier into its lineup, chances are NextShip already has a relationship with the carrier. For companies using NextShip, this means a quick carrier module addition, and the carrier is fully accessible through the software.


Multi-Carrier Shipping

shipping carriers

NextShip will allow customers to take advantage of the new carrier services and enhancements, allowing for packages to get the service requirements they need.  NextShip is also USPS MAC certified and an eVS solution.  The eVS certification is a postage payment method that covers nearly all types of domestic postal shipping.  NextShip will allow users to ship worldwide with specialized shipping processing systems to meet the international and U.S requirements.


Other Carrier Modules

Its important to remember that if your company is dealing in multi-carrier shipping then you can benefit from NextShip due to its flexible, customizable, expandable, and efficient nature.  As a leader in carrier compliant shipping solutions, we allow our customers to become more cost effective and in turn more competitive. If you want the best domestic and international shipping software in the business then you have come to the right place.

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Carrier Modules