NextShip Server

The "Hub" of the NextShip Suite.

Computer workstations company-wide can access NextShip's functionality and data from the NextShip Server via your existing corporate network.


You can link the NextShip Server to your company's intranet Web services to allow real-time monitoring of package status, tracking numbers, productivity reports, delivery status or other reporting features using any Internet browser with no special program installations required.

Carrier Moduleswarehouse

NextShip is unique in the breadth of carrier relationships it has developed, ensuring that clients have access to the best possible services available. The NextShip Shipping Software develops and maintains these relationships, so its customers don't have to.

With the most comprehensive database of carrier rates and services, NextShip allows customers to shop around for the best possible shipping rate. With real-time prices available around the clock, rate shopping is easy. ProShip gives users the power to choose the best value with every shipment.

User Interfaces

NextShip can be used as a thick client (NextShip Velocity) with rich integration options, as a browser-based thin client (NextShip Office) on any platform, or as a 'black box' XML application programming interface (NextShip SDK).

NextShip Enterprise Queuing System (EQS)

Part of the NextShip Server, EQS handles incoming requests and dispatches them to a series of independent instances of the server components. Besides allowing for multiple concurrent processes on multi-core and hyperthreaded processors, it also gives the ability to test and apply updates on a running system with no downtime to shipping operations.

NextShip Brochure