User Interface

Complete Conformance To Your Business System Needs

As a business, you use numerous systems to keep your business moving and to maintain operational efficiency. NextShip has designed products that respect the realities of your business – and come up with the solutions that will conform seamlessly with whatever your current systems may be.


Integrating parcel shipping processes and information between your existing ERP system and carrier vendors, our software solutions are designed with your business in mind.

NextShip can be used as a thick client with rich integration options, as a browser-based thin client on any platform, or as a 'black box' XML application programming interface.

The Ultimate Control Over Your Shipping Processscanning

Our products are designed to fit into whatever framework you have developed. Either at the forefront or quietly in the background.

Customization is another key component that is an absolute necessity for any business. Integration alone is not enough – you need an application that can be altered to fit your needs. NextShip is extremely flexible, with an interface designed with customization in mind. You have access to the information you need in the way you need it, leaving you free to focus on the needs of your business.

If you need centralized shipping with an interface that will adjust to your business systems, look no further than NextShip.

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