NextShip beats its competition hands down due to the fact that it is deeply functional, this is truly the shipping software that will make your warehouse shine.


Whether it is a setup question, a configuration change, a screen customization, a troubleshooting need, or a carrier update, NextShip will have you covered to help step up productivity in any business.  With all these factors in place, it will allow for the ease of use that our NextShip customers expect and appreciate.


NextShip Enterprise Setup Tool

Included as part of the NextShip server, NextShip Enterprise Set-up Tool (PEST) provides detailed step-by-step instructions for implementing and using NextShip Server and all of the other NextShip modules. In addition to detailed instructions, the tool includes illustrations for carrying out the implementation process and for using the NextShip suite of solutions. Plus, nearly every user event in NextShip allows for interception and customized handling of a client's unique business rules with a rich variety of user interface tools and components.

NextShip Update Tool

Updates are provided on a regular and continuous basis using the ProShip Update Tool. Changes are made as often as necessary,

and are downloadable by the user when convenient (unlike the traditional approach, which is to send changes to users in the mail twice a year.) All changes are extremely well documented, automatic, and backward compatible - and completely version safe. At any time, any user can revert changes within minutes.

NextShip Brochure