Paper Finishing Solutions

We are the go to company for everything you need to put the final touches to your documents. Creasing and scoring machines are a great way to fold or make a crease in your printed materials.  These top of the range products can help save you time and make your job easier. We have wide range of paper jogging business card cutters, as well as perforating and scoring machines for small offices to large commercial environments.

What are these machines used for?

You can use a perforating machine to perforate evenly spread holes in your paper work to create an easy to tear off form. The range of paper folding machines are a great way to fold paper accurately and help to increase folding productivity in any business. Joggers are a unique product that use a vibrating motion to straighten up your documents and stacks of paper. These types of machines can help you get more organized and reduce the risk of ever running into a paper jam.

ABAS can handle theses tasks for you thoroughly and effectively.

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