Postage Meters

Did you know that by using a USPS approved Digital Postage Meter you automatically save 10% off the cost of a USPS Stamp? Metered Mail receives discounts that help offset rising postage costs by using your Postage Meter to apply postage.

Postage Meters are an excellent way of automating your business task and saving money.  Businesses use postage meters because they create a professional look and accurately apply and download postage in a fast, efficient method thus saving time and money.

There are many benefits to acquiring an automated postage metering solution. There are many types and sizes available. It is important to note that Postage Meters cannot be outright purchased due to the fact they print money. To prevent fraudulent use, they are strictly regulated by the United States Postal Service (USPS), and under federal regulations, they can only be rented. Alternative Business Automation Solutions (ABAS) is an authorized independent postage meter dealer. 

If you spend more than $100 per month on postage, your office will benefit from having a postage machine. In addition to the convenience and time savings, being able to print the exact postage can save money, as well. However, selecting the best meter for your needs and budget can be a daunting task. Our knowledgeable experts will help you choose a postage metering system with the correct features that are right for your business.

Comapre Postage Meter Companies

PostBase Mailing Machine

PostBase Mailing Machine

There are many benefits to having a Postage Machine within your business. Some of the benefits for these machines include saving your business time and money and that will allow for your business to send larger amounts of differently sized packages to any country in the world. There are lots of different types and sizes of mailing machines to fit each customers requirements, no matter how big or small they may be.

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Why would I need a Postage Machine?

The main advantages businesses gain by renting postage meters are being able to simplify their mailing activities and saving on their mailing expenses at the same time. 

Beyond the basic features, meters begin to differ according to various options that concern security and ease of use:

  • Semi-Automatic Envelope Sealing
  • Fully Automatic Feeding, Sealing, Metering and Stacking the mail
  • Built-in electronic postal scale to automatically set postage
  • Password-protected access (optional)
  • Departmental accounting codes (optional)
  • Automatic downloading of postage into the meter
  • Automatic date advance
  • Saved presets for common mailing jobs
  • Easy to use color touchscreen displays
  • Meters print two-dimensional barcode for additional security
  • Digital meters can also be updated electronically to reflect current USPS postage rates.

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Choosing The Correct Provider

For smaller businesses, the first concern is probably price. Since postage rates are so highly regulated, one would think the base level systems do not differ substantially from one provider to another.  Think again.  With the big guy,  there are huge hidden fees in the total cost of ownership in postage metering systems. Hidden fees include Value Maxx, Supplies cost as high as $14 cents per impression, Postage meter Strip Tape cost of up to $1.02 each.  Postage resetting fees of $10.99 to $25.00. Annual Purchase Power fee of $49.95. There is even a fee for downloading too much postage. Most companies have no clue how much the big guy is sticking it to them.  

It is important to work with our knowledgeable local experts that will help you understand the true total cost of ownership and choose a postage metering system with the correct features that are right for your business.  We commonly gain new customers that have saved up to 50% over the big guy.

We highly recommend performing a Google Search to compare vendors based on other satisfied customers.  Place the name of the Company in your Google search with the word "Review" and see what comes up.  By taking 5-7 minutes to do your due diligence it could save you hours of future headaches and vendor frustrations.

As your mailing volume and monthly expenditures increase, other factors come into play. Service will vary depending on the company you choose. Some manufacturers sell their systems directly, while others distribute through a nationwide network of local independent dealers. Both can provide service – but in either case,  you should perform a Google Search to see if their customer support is in alignment with what your business expectations and requirements. Commonly the branch and direct distribution model has poor service

Alternative Business Automation Solutions (ABAS) provides Postage Meters and Mailing Machines to the Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding Metroplex. Areas served in Texas include Arlington, Grapevine, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Irving, Carrollton, Addison, and surrounding areas. If you have any questions about service availability, please Contact ABAS and our experts will help set you up with a Postage Metering solution.