ConnectSmart DM1100G™Fully Automatic Postage Machine

This high-speed work horse handles all types of mail, of various weights and sizes, effortlessly and is always ready when you are. The ConnectSmart DM1100 gives you unmatched productivity and rugged durability. This high volume mailing machine automatically feeds, seals, imprints postage and stacks uniform mail at speeds of up to 295 letters per minute. Capable of handling mail ranging in size from post cards to 13" x 15" flats and up to 3/4" thick - intermixed and in a single stream, the DM1100 maximizes operator productivity by minimizing the need to sort mail by size.

The DM1100 uses Weigh-on-the-Way® (WOW) in-line weighing technology to maximize efficiency by processing mixed weight and mixed sized material automatically. This in turn gives you the flexibility to seamlessly process mail pieces up to 16 oz. in weight and 12" x 15" in size.


  • Process up to 260 pieces per minute of similar size, similar weight mailIntelliLink® Command CenterMixed Mail Feeding
  • Platform WeighingFull Postal And Carrier RatingAuto Oversize and Auto Class SelectWeigh-On-The-Way™ (WOW™)Dual Tape CapabilitySimplified Rating.

eSmart Mail - Flexible Accounting Functions

eSmartMail Accounting Solution is the most powerful accounting system for gathering information from all your accountable mail. The solution employs touch screen, Internet ready, net-workable PC's.


The eSmartMail solution is easily assimilated to the "user's world" because it employs existing hardware and communications structures. Valuable accounting information can be stored and retrieved from just one source.This precision account management system saves money, reduces error, boosts productivity and provides real accountability.

Mail Processing and AccountingSeamless DM Mailing Machine InterfacePostage AccountingSQL or Access DatabaseOpen Database-Non Proprietary DataManual EntryUSPS Full Rate EngineExports to In-House SystemsInterfaces to eSMART- MAiL Manager

Account Numbers with custom descriptions and jobs will allow the system to capture all the data for exporting and creating custom reports.

Comparison of Feed Rollers between Alternative Business Automation Solutions and Pitney Bowes, Neopost and Francotyp Postalia

Alternative Mailing & Shipping Systems' extensive Remanufacturing Process uses specialty formulated and textured rollers that allow the machine to feed better than the OEM feed rollers used by Pitney Bowes. See the photo below showing the Alternative Mailing & Shipping Systems' enhanced feed rollers that are used in the feed section of the machine. We like to say that "our rollers will yank a license plate through your machine". The benefits to our customers are less service calls and true operator satisfaction with the machine.

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Enhanced Alternative Automation Solutions Rollers

The OEM Pitney Bowes Rollers wear out twice as fast and do a poor job of feeding compared to Alternative Business Automation Solutions' enhanced feed rollers.

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Red Ink Cartridge - For PB Models

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Red Ink Cartridge -
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SUPER Seal Sealing Solution 1X5 GL Bottle

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SUPER Seal Sealing Solution -
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