The DM1000™ Green Series Fully Automatic Postage Machine (USPS IBIP Compliant)

Peak productivity and performance, this state-of-the-art Premier Mailing System brings incomparable speed, control, accuracy and efficiency to mailing operations. The DM1000™ includes the innovative Weigh-On-The Way™ system processing mixed weight mail up to 16 ounces at 130 pieces per minute. The Mailing System's Advanced features include .75" thickness processing capability and an auto-align, feed system that uniformly conveys various size and weight mail pieces. The mailing machine processes uniform mail at speeds up to 260 pieces per minute and operates at a quiet 64 dba. With the built in accounting feature of up 25 departments, and expandable up to 100 or 300 departments, accounting is a snap. Differential Weighing - This allows the operator to put a bucket of mail onto the scale and as a piece is removed, the weight is subtracted and a postage tape is automatically produced. DM1000™ Systems employ high-speed IBIP digital meters that conform to future USPS requirements, enhance the appearance of the mail piece, and can customize each mail piece with a variety of stored marketing messages. With the integration of our Postage-by-Phone technology, the DM1000™ reminds you when postage is low and allows you to quickly refill your postage anytime at the touch of a button.

DM1000™ Mailing System Overview

The DM1000™gives you unmatched productivity and rugged durability. This high volume, versatile mailing system can automatically feed, seal, imprint postage and stack uniform mail at speeds of up to 260 letters per minute. This system's advanced technology gets big mailing jobs done quickly and efficiently. The DM1000™handles mail ranging in size from post cards to 10" x 13" flats and up to 3/4" thick - intermixed and in a single stream. This maximizes operator productivity by minimizing the need to sort mail by size.


Weigh-on-the-Way™(WOW) in-line weighing with Shape Based Rating maximizes efficiency by processing mixed weight and mixed size material automatically. The DM1000™ has the flexibility to process mail pieces up to 16 oz. in weight and 10" x 13" in size automatically. Our patented technology measures and weighs each mail piece to ensure the proper postage is applied. At speeds of up to 130 letters per minute even the largest jobs are easily managed.

Open and closed flap sealing minimizes sorting based on its ability to handle mixed envelope flap configurations including combinations of closed flap, open flap and pre-sealed flap. Advanced Detection Sensors located throughout the feeding and transport path enhance the processing of difficult materials like postcards or "dark mail", and they detect oversize mail and add the proper surcharge.

The DM1000™Mailing System comes with IntelliLink® technology. The easy-to-use IntelliLink® Control Center is your digital gateway to exclusive mail services including:

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DM1000™ Mailing System Benefits

  • Accounting options expandable to 300 accounts.
  • Processes up to 260 pieces per minute.Advanced Detection Sensors allow perfect processing of hard-to-handle pieces.
  • Advanced engineering with less moving parts provides for long-term reliable operation.Differential Weighing to process mail pieces and parcels in the same run.
  • Inkjet printing and secure envelope sealing give mail a professional, trusted appearance.
  • IntelliLink® Control Center provides efficient and easy access to system functions and
    exclusive mail services.
  • Open and closed flap sealing eliminates the manual sorting of sealed vs. unsealed
  • Optional 15 lb., 30 lb., 70,lb. or 149 lb. weighing options.

Alternative Business Automation Solutions Enhanced Feed Rollers

The OEM Pitney Bowes Rollers wear out twice as fast and do a poor job of feeding compared to Alternative Business Automation Solutions' enhanced feed rollers.

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