DM500™ Wow Series Advanced Fully Automatic Mailing Machine


ABAS Green Equipment Program – Since 1992 we have been saving the environment one machine at a time. Our environmental philosophy has changed...we have carefully assessed the impact that our decisions make on the world around us. We are challenging our customers about the way they think when it comes to acquiring mailing equipment. We want to help save the earth for generations to come. When it comes to retired machines, this year alone we acquired over 8000 machines that would be destined for land fills, and recycled the plastic, metal, boards...


  • Easy postage replenishment with Postage-By-Phone® Meter Resetting System
  • Automatic date advance, envelope sealing and mail feeder
  • Track cost for up to 50 accounts
  • Saves time and increases productivity by programming jobs in memory
  • Password security ensures total asset protection.Automatic pre-adhesive, pressure-sensitive tape advance
  • Processes Mail at speeds up to 135 letters per minute utilizing the USPS IBIP compliant indicia

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The DM500 Wow Series brings incomparable speed, control, accuracy and efficiency to mailing operations. The DM500 Wow Series's Self-Aligning Feed System ensures that envelopes are fed straight to protect the contents and ensure precise postage imprinting. Thickness and size adjustments are minimized by the DM500 Wow Series's ability to process various sized envelopes. This system handles material up to 5/8" thick with sizes ranging from post cards to 10" x 13" flats. The integrated 10 lb. postal scale increases productivity and enables you to weigh a piece, and feed it through the system with the correct postage printed every time.

Recommended Supply Products


SAP2 - 5 Tape Roll - 6 Rolls

Product Code: SAP2
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5" Tape Roll - 6 Rolls Per Pack -
Pitney Galaxy/DM800/900/1000


SAP3 - 5 Tape - 3 Rolls

Product Code: SAP3
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5" Adhesive Tape Rolls - 3 Rolls Per Pack -
Pitney Galaxy/DM800/900/1000


Red Ink Cartridge - For PB Models

Product Code: SP6211
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Red Ink Cartridge -
For Pitney Bowes Models: DM500/550


SUPER Seal Sealing Solution 1X5 GL Bottle

Product Code: SCU5
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SUPER Seal Sealing Solution -
1X5 Gallon Bottle Per Case