PostBase 20 Semi-Automatic Small Business Postage Meter

The PostBase is a new breed of postage meter, raising the bar for simplicity, flexibility and good looks. Sporting an intuitive touch screen, smooth jam-free operation, “simple-sleek” appearance, and scalable options, PostBase is a remarkably good fit for nearly any small-to-mid size business requirements. With six appealing colors, processing speed of 20 LPM, and numerous accessories, you’ll find a PostBase configuration that not only meets your current needs, but easily adapts to your business’s growth.

  • The first-of-its-kind color touch screen makes PostBase amazingly easy to use.
  • Only available in Black.
  • Integrated 5lb scale automatically sets accurate postage amounts.
  • Upgrade to a faster metering system without any penalties.
  • Optional Upgrades that will dramatically reduce the time and effort required to process your mail:
  • Semi-Auto Metering System that processes mail at 30 and 45 Letters per minute.
  • Fully Automatic Feeder/Sealer that process mail at 45, 65 and 85 Letters per minute.
  • Douple Strip Postage Tapes make it easy to apply postage on packages.
  • Whisper-quiet, smooth operation makes PostBase a pleasurable addition to your office.
  • Track postage costs for up to 5 departmental accounts.
  • Add customizable message and ads to your indicia.
  • Included PC software allows numerous postage presets, accounting and reporting options.
PostBase 20 Postage Meter
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The perfect mailing system for small businesses. PostBase 20 brings smooth feeding and intuitive operation to any office environment!

Envelopes and postbase
Post Base tree logo indicia
PostBase screen with scale

The PostBase 20 offers the only color touch screen in its class. The PostBase 20’s easy to use navigation allows you to quickly move through the menu of choices: advertisements, class of mail, special services, and more. PostBase 20 utilizes a high speed internet (LAN) connection for fast postage download.


  • Process up to 20 pieces per minute
  • Optional Sealer
  • Integrated 5 lb. Scale
  • 5 different accounts for Accounting purposes
  • Includes RemoteOne Software
  • Upgradable features

PostBase Software Options

The PostBase 20 comes with the option of 3 added value software's:


Our simple software solution for an innovative and convenient operation of the PostBase from your PC keyboard of optional all-in-one touchscreen PC.


Our enhanced software solution offers simple and secure recording of usage data, managing and analyzing accounts, and generating customer reports.

MailOne 2.0

Our top-of-the line software package allows you to Record, analyze, and Report Mailroom Expenses; Instantly Access USPS Commercial-Base pricing check-squareounts; Process USPS Confirmation Services Automatically; Print Shipping Labels; E-Certified Electronic Return Receipt; Run Customized Reports.

*ReportOne and MailOne 2.0 require separate purchase.

reddot Design Award Comments:

PostBase is a mail processing system that imprints letters of up to 10 mm almost silently, thanks to an innovative drive concept. Adjustable in angle, the touch display is extremely easy to use, while color-accentuated function zones enable simple and clear operation. The comprehensive design of the system and its supplementary components creates a self-contained and consistent overall appearance, which is complemented by diverse materials, surfaces and lighting.

Recommended Supply Products


Standard Red Cartridge - 4,000

Product Code: SFPIC10
Click on the dropdown button for volume pricing

Standard Red Cartridge -
4,000 Impressions -
For FP PostBase 20, 30, & 45


High Capacity Red Ink Cartridge - 18,000

Product Code: SFPIC40
Click on the dropdown button for volume pricing

High Capacity Red Ink Cartridge -
18,000 Impressions - For FP PostBase 30, 45, 65 & 85 **Recommended for high volume usage


Double Tape Strips - 500 Impressions - FP

Product Code: SC5
Click on the dropdown button for volume pricing

Double Tape Strips - 500 Impressions - FP

SUPER Seal Sealing Solution 1 Gallon Bottle

SUPER Seal Sealing Solution 1 GL Bottle

Product Code: SE1
Click on the dropdown button for volume pricing

SUPER Seal Sealing Solution 1 Gallon Bottle

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