Dallas Fort Worth Companies Are Saving Money Utilizing A Postage Meters In Their Businesses

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New 2019 Postal Rates - Business Mailers Automatically Save 10% On Postage Cost By Using a Postage Meter To Process Their Mail (5¢ Per Envelope)

Businesses spending $100 or more per month use Postage Meters to get discounted postage and accurately weigh, seal and apply postage to their envelopes.

Why Do Postage Meters Get Discounts?  

It is simple, The United States Post Office (USPS) provides Postage Meter users a 10% discount. Metered Mail gets faster service by skipping ahead of Stamped mail at the Post Office and reduces the internal cost of processing mail. The USPS wants business mailers to use postage meters and provides all postage meter users with a 10% discount on First Class Letter Mail Postage as well as other classes of mail.  

What is a Postage Meter and How Does The Meter Work?

A Postage Meter stores postage, weighs mail and allows printing of a postage indicia (USPS Postage) in the upper right-hand corner of your outgoing mailpieces (essentially replacing a stamp).  On large thick mailpieces a meter tape (label) can be printed then applied to the mailpiece. Businesses are able to download and pay for postage without making trips to the post office.  Postage Meter customers receive substantial discounts on business mail over stamps. Postage Meters are the "Business Professional" way of sending mail. These devices eliminate keeping piles of stamps in the office and are a convenient way to pay and track postage cost for a business. They are important to have in the office for all of a businesses mailing needs. A business can send out any class of mail (except Periodicals) in any quantity at any price with the same postage meter.

Are Their Different Sizes of Postage Meters?

Postage meters come in all sizes. Medium to large mailers have, specialized meters that can fold, insert, weigh, and apply postage onto envelopes. Some meters are small and require each mailpiece to be hand-fed, which can take time. Other meters have an integrated envelope feeder and automatically process the mail through the postage meter sealing each peice as it is processed through the machine.  There are even postage meters that can automatically weigh the envelope as it is processed through the postage meter allowing for mixed sizes and weights of mail to be processed all at once.  A local postage meter vendor can help you decide which meter is right for your mailing needs.

United States Postal Service Postage Meter Regulations

Due to USPS Federal Regulations in the United States, postage meters can only be leased not purchased. Postage Meters are only available from USPS Authorized Licensed Vendors. The USPS oversees the postage industry, setting strict regulations which must be followed. The USPS also determine the postal tariffs and prices for mail. Failure to adhere to these strict rules could lead to the licensee having the mailing license revoked.

There are 3 Main Authorized Licenced Postage Meter companies in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  

The 3 Postage Meter companies in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex are distinctly different.  

  1. Alternative Business Automation Solutions (ABAS) is locally owned and has been in business for over 25 years. The CEO, Craig Wasilchak, studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Baylor University. After graduation, he was recruited to work for one of the 3 Postage Meter companies. He believes in customer service and integrity in doing business. After 2 years and 8 months, Craig started Alternative Business Automation Solutions. ABAS's service is provided by their own team of highly skilled technicians that live and work in the DFW Metroplex. ABAS even answers the phones. The team at ABAS will know who you are by your name and company name. They treat their customers like family.
  2. The other 2 Postage meter companies have a branch in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. They outsourced their service call center to India, and the Philippines. Their selling and servicing models have drastically changed. Unfortunately, frustrated customers let us know that they constantly will be left on hold anywhere from 30 minutes to well over an hour trying to work with billing and service issues.  The Sales Model has been mostly outsourced to a Telemarketing model renewing old leases with little customer service over the phone.  They do not try to understand the customer's application and mailing needs.


List Of Approved Postage Meter Providers with Reviews: 

Information-Based Indicia - Fluorescent Ink Stamp

Information-Based Indicia

1.  Alternative Business Automation Solutions

2.  Postage Meter Company B

3.  Postage Meter Company C

The USPS Authorized Licensed Vendor will process all required documentation for a postage meter application (Form 3601-A) and submits it to the USPS for approval. A separate letter of application will be submitted to each post office where the mailer wants to deposit metered mail. There is no fee for this application and license.

After a postage meter or a postal security device (PSD) is delivered to a licensee, the meter or PSD must be kept in the licensee's custody until returned to the authorized Licensed Vendor. The licensee is prohibited from taking a meter outside the United States, its territories, or its possessions without written permission from the manager of Metering Technology Management, USPS Headquarters.

The licensee must immediately notify the provider of any change in the licensee's name, address, telephone number, or the location of meters.

The licensee must immediately report misregistering or otherwise defective meters to the provider.

In addition, the licensee must immediately report to the provider the loss or theft of any meter or PSD or the recovery of any missing meter or PSD.

Metered postage must be printed or applied in the upper right corner of the envelope or address label. Indicia must be printed with USPS-approved fluorescent ink to ensure that the mail will faced up during processing at the USPS processing facilities. Approved postage meter indicias include a facing identification mark in the Information-Based Indicia (IBI) that is printed directly on letter-size First-Class Mail or when printing an indicia on USPS-approved labels or tapes. USPS-approved labels or tapes must be used when meter stamps are printed on tape.

Postage Meter Components

The meter is the critical part of your mailing system. It prints the indicia and stores the postage.

Mailing Machine Base
The Mailing Machine Base is essentially an envelope handler, designed to transport the item to be printed (stamped) through the meter. The four main parts of a base include the feeder, sealer, stacker, and tape dispenser.

Envelope Feeder
A feeder guides envelopes through the meter. Although you can get a low-end meter without a feeder, feeding a large mailing by hand can be pretty tedious.

Envelope Sealer
A sealer moistens the envelope flap and closes it.

Envelope Stacker
A stacker clears mail from the machine after it is stamped. Low-end stackers are no more than a catch tray placed at the edge of the meter. Power stackers can stack more envelopes by using a conveyor mechanism to move the stamped pieces away from the meter’s edge.

Envelope Tape Dispenser
In some cases, it is not possible to print an indicia directly on to a mailing piece – like with a large package. In these cases, strips of adhesive paper, called tape, are fed through the meter and affixed to the package. The tape is stamped with the indicia or postage amount.

Envelope / Parcel Scale
A scale weighs letters or packages, based on the then-current rates, and indicates how much postage to apply to your mail piece. Interfaced models automatically apply that amount when running the piece through the meter. Some scales also allow you to rate shop to see if a different carrier is less expensive. 

Postage Meter Vendor ReviewsCompare Postage Meters

It is highly recommended that you perform a Google Search to compare vendors based on other satisfied customers in your local area.  All you need to do is perform a Google Search, compare vendors, and read reviews.  Place the name of the company you are comparing such as Pitney Bowes, Neopost or Alternative Business Automation Solutions in a Google search with the word “Review” and click on the “Search Button”.  By searching and reading google reviews you will save hours of future headaches and vendor frustrations.

Compare Postage Meter Companies - It is as easy as 1,2,3